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Human powered vehicles for transporting loads.


They are fun to ride.  They're eye catching but more importantly Cargobikes are practical.


Countdown Cargobikes  started business in 2007 and was one of the first Cargobike importers in Australia. The idea was to introduce an affordable transport bike that ticked the boxes and was easy to ride but more importantly easy to maintain.

The bikes comprise of standard bicycle parts excluding the balanced main frame with the added feature of upgraded brakes and gears to cope with the added weight of the trike.  Both current models MK3 and Mk4 have seats and belts for 4 kids but just as important the box can be modified into any type of mobile vending platform or load carrying vehicle.


Contact details

Showroom – Warehouse

Unit 1   38-42 Bentley St  Williamstown Nth  Melbourne  VIC 3016

Landline - 03 9397 4433

Mobile - Justin 0418 319 842

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When I was a teenage runaway, I relied on my Cargobike to ferry my criminal, junkie boyfriends around Richmond.
— Bec McHenry, The Space Agency
Beautiful design aside, the bottom line about the Cargobike is that it’s simply a joy to ride and use. The team bring all the Sheila’s back to the club in ours every weekend.
— Jack Amies, Albert Park Falcons
Mind-blowingly chic. A fashion accessory in addition to a bike. My Saluki looks resplendent atop my Cargobike.
— Hugo Lamb, Policy Booth
Admittedly...Altona is a bit of a trek, but it’s made fun with my Cargobike.
— Tim Russell, Beagle Insights
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There's a Cargobike for everyone.

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