Are they hard to ride ?  Any three wheel bike will take a little while to get used to. As they don’t lean around corners like a regular 2 wheeler cornering takes a little care and practice. Always keep your bum on the seat and hands on the handlebars initially. You have 7 gears on a quick shift so make them work to make riding easier. After about 20 mins of riding your brain just clicks and everything makes sense. I always suggest new riders spend half an hour with some bricks or sand in the front to get used to the bike. ( the more weight in the box the more stable it is )  Remember always wear a helmet.

Are they hard to ride in hilly suburbs?  The natural enemy of any cargobike is a hill. The combined weight of the bike and the load you are carrying could get as high as 200kgs. All the gears in the world would still make a moderate hill hard work. The odd hill is fine and many customers have chosen different riding routes to make cargobike works. There are many flat suburbs in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane and the bike have done well. We haven’t sold many in Sydney due to the terrain although the foreshore of Manly has a small private fleet.

Will it fit in my front gate / door ?  Most standard front gates / door are 82cm wide although some are slightly bigger.  Both bikes require a min of 88cm to get through. A couple of customers over the years have changed the hinge configuration to make access work.

Can I ride my cargobike on the footpath ?  In Victoria you can ride a bike on the footpath if you are supervising children under 12. So if the kids are in the front you will be legal. I have always ridden my cargobike on the road.  I try and stay away from major roads and find the parallel back streets more enjoyable. The bikes have quite a presence on the road and find motorists give you more room to ride and approach you more slowly.

Is a 20km return trip too far on a 3 wheel cargobike ?  Plenty of my customers regularly ride these distances on the flat but I would recommend a 10km return trip more reasonable. If you’re planning on the longer trips I would recommend a two wheel cargobike. They are a little less stable but once going you’ll cover the distance with less effort.

Do you have bikes in stock and how long to ship one interstate ?  I carry stock 95% of the time.  It takes 1 to 2 days to get a kit bike assembled in Melbourne and bikes for interstate transport usually leave next day after payment. ( There’s a $100 discount off the list price for interstate kit prices ). Freight is a additional cost. I use TNT express and forward a tracking number for you as it leaves Melbourne.